Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that diagnoses, prevents and treats crowded teeth and incompatible jaw relationships.


Orthodontic treatment aims to eliminate aesthetic concerns as well as prevent gum diseases that may be encountered in the future, prevent problems in the jaw joint, ensure chewing functionality, and eliminate this problem for individuals with speech disorders.

Depending on the existing orthodontic problem in the mouth, treatment methods can be determined with removable appliances, functional appliances, and fixed appliances (brackets).

There is absolutely no age limit in orthodontic treatment. However, treatment planning and duration may vary according to age.

In recent years, adult orthodontics has become widespread all over the world.
Today, alternative methods can also be applied due to aesthetic concerns in the treatment process and thanks to the development of technology.
It is possible to minimize aesthetic concerns by using porcelain or check brackets.

In addition, less visibility can be achieved by attaching brackets and braces from the inner surfaces of the teeth (lingual orthodontic treatment).

With Invisalign technology developed as an alternative to braces, it is possible to straighten teeth with transparent aligners.
The measurements taken from the patient are specially calculated in the computer environment to create the treatment plan and a certain number of transparent aligners are produced to be used during the treatment period.

Sometimes, to make better prostheses, orthodontic treatment can be performed in preparation for prosthesis and teeth can be made more suitable for prosthesis.

How to Plan a Smile Design?

We start with a detailed examination to understand your smile needs.
We create a plan that includes customized treatment options and help you achieve your smile goals.
We implement the treatment plan and ensure that you step into the smile you want by following the process regularly.

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