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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that addresses concerns in regards to fixing crooked teeth, as well as, eliminating discomfort throughout the jaw area.

Orthodontic treatment not only deals with esthetic concerns, it also is an ideal way of preventing any future diseases related to the gums, for preventing issues born from the temporomandibular joint, for enabling functions related to chewing and for providing ease towards speech related issues.

Treatment methods are decided by using either moving, functional or fixed apparatus’, depending on the existing orthodontic issue within the mouth.

There is absolutely no age limit for receiving orthodontic treatment. However, the planning and duration of the treatment varies depending on the patients’ age.

Within the last few years, adult orthodontics have gained popularity throughout the world.

In today’s dentistry, alternative methods can be practiced due to the rise of esthetic concerns and the recent developments in technology.

It is possible to lower esthetic concerns to a minimum level by the use of porcelain or transparent brackets.

On the other hand, the practice of putting on brackets and braces from the inner surface of the teeth (lingual orthodontic treatment) allow for lesser visibility.

It is possible to treat misaligned teeth by transparent plaques due to Invisalign technology, which was developed as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

The measurements taken from the patient are used to compose a plan digitally and certain amount of transparent plaques are produced that will be used during the course of the treatment. In some cases, orthodontic treatment is required to prepare the patient for dentures.