Pink Aesthetics
(Gum Aesthetics)

Having an aesthetic and beautiful smile cannot be achieved only with white and smooth teeth. The presence of healthy and properly visible gums compatible with these teeth is also necessary.

Aesthetic applications on the gums are called pink aesthetics. Among the elements that define dental aesthetics are the visibility of the gums, color, the level of the gum with the tooth, and the health of the gums.

To perform aesthetic applications on the gums, the gums must first be healthy. The appearance of healthy gums is light pink, the surface is slightly rough in the appearance of orange peel. If there is swelling, bleeding, or dark red appearance in the gums, it is essential to treat the gums before gum aesthetics. In this case, tartar cleaning (detertraj) should be performed first. In advanced gingival diseases, gingival treatments such as gingival curettage/flap operation applied under local anesthesia may be required.

Gingival aesthetics is a procedure that can be applied to anyone whose gum and tooth structure is suitable for treatment, without age limitation. Gingival aesthetic treatment should be performed if a smile design is planned for people with gummy smiles, whose gums appear too much while laughing. With pink aesthetic applications such as gingivectomy/gingivoplasty, crown lengthening, gingival levels suitable for the planned smile design are created, level irregularities in the gums are corrected, the position and visibility of the gums for the teeth to have the most appropriate visibility are adjusted. Botox application to optimize the position of the lips and the appearance of the gums also gives extremely successful results.

How to Plan a Smile Design?

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We create a plan that includes customized treatment options and help you achieve your smile goals.
We implement the treatment plan and ensure that you step into the smile you want by following the process regularly.

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