Within the last few years, bleaching has become one of the most widely practiced procedures in esthetic and cosmetic dentistry.


It is a method that is considered to be a part of smile design and has the capability of whitening the color of teeth 3 – 4 shades. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not it is harmful on tooth health. This esthetic application certainly is a safe choice that generates no harm at all on the patient’s teeth. For patients that are solely dissatisfied about discoloration, it is possible to acquire a beautiful smile without the need for another procedure. It is a highly efficient choice in eliminating unwanted spots due to the consumption of coffee, tea and cigarettes; as well as, discoloration due to medicine usage.

The whitening process which is practiced under doctor supervision features two kinds of application methods. The first method is known as office type whitening (Power Bleaching); done within the clinic setting and lasts for about an hour. A whitening gel is applied on the discolored teeth, which are then activated by the use of a special light or a laser. It lightens the discolored teeth 3 – 4 shades in a single session.

The other method is known as the home type whitening (Home Bleaching). A special plaque is made prior to home type whitening, customized for the needs of the individual. It is a procedure that the individual can practice at home with no supervision required. The whitening gels placed inside of the prepared plaques are worn between 4 – 8 hour periods; allowing it to be fully applied on discolored teeth.

For a long-lasting effect, it is recommended that both application methods are combined. Meaning, office type whitening performed under doctor’s supervision should be supplemented by home type whitening; allowing the patient to reach maximum whitening effect.

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