Root Canal Treatment

In cases where the tooth is severely damaged/inflamed due to untreated caries, the process of removing the damaged tissue, shaping and cleaning the root canal and then filling the canals completely and properly with filling materials is called root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is applied because the pulp (nerve vascular bundle) layer, which is the innermost layer of the tooth, is damaged due to trauma, infection, and very advanced deep caries. Patients often present to the clinic with severe pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Root canal treatment is not a painful treatment. Thanks to local anesthetics and modern anesthesia techniques, root canal treatment can be performed painlessly and extremely comfortably.

Thanks to the development of devices and systems used to expand root canals, the process of completing the treatment under local anesthesia takes at most one hour.

The life span of teeth that have undergone successful root canal treatment is as long as that of an untreated healthy tooth.
Contrary to popular belief, the life span of teeth that undergo root canal treatment is not shortened.

Porcelain fillings (inlay-onlay) or porcelain crowns can be applied following root canal treatment to be more resistant to chewing forces and to achieve a better aesthetic appearance.

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