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Root Canal

Root canal is the title given to the procedure that addresses extreme damage and infection due to untreated cavities; the procedure requires the removal of damaged tissue, shaping / cleaning of the root canal and a proper filling of the canals with filling substances.

Root canal is practiced in the case of trauma experienced by the dental pulp (nerve vessel package) – which is the innermost layer of the tooth, in the case of infection and high level of tooth decay. Patients often consult our clinic should unbearable pain, infection and swelling arise.

The root canal treatment is absolutely pain-free. Due to local anesthetics and modern anesthetic techniques, the root canal treatment can be performed with no pain and under a high level of comfort.

The improvements made in machinery and systems involved during the enlargement of root canals allow for the procedure done under local anesthesia to be at most one hour.

Teeth that have received successful root canal treatment have the same level of longevity as healthy teeth that have never undergone such treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal does not shorten the lives of treated teeth.

Porcelain fillers (inlay-onlay) or porcelain crowns can be utilized during the period that follows a root canal treatment in order to increase durability towards forces born from chewing, as well as, for addressing esthetic concerns.