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Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery

Mouth, Tooth and Jaw surgery is a branch of dentistry that is involved with diagnosing and treating any issues surround the soft tissues inside the mouth (tongue, cheek, lip, saliva etc.), teeth and the temporomandibular.

Pathologies that are found inside of the mouth, amongst teeth, soft tissues and tissues that surround it are all treated by surgical means. Surgical procedures that are practiced often are as follows:

* Surgical removal of the wisdom teeth

* Apicoectomy

* Cystectomy

Surgical Removal of the Wisdom Teeth:

Wisdom teeth are the rearmost teeth inside the mouth and are known as the third largest molar tooth. Generally, these types of teeth appear during the early to mid twenties and known to cause issues within the mouth due to tightness of space along the jaw, deviation in the riding position and stenosis in the jaw area. As a result, the teeth either appear partially or remain embedded inside of the jaw bone.

Wisdom teeth that get in the way of mouth hygiene – producing cyst, lesion or other related occurrences, teeth that cause harm to other neighboring teeth and result in cavities, teeth that cause difficulties while chewing and speaking, as well as, teeth that undergo periodical infection must be surgically removed from the mouth.

Apicoectomy :

It is a term used to describe surgical removal of teeth due to pathologic formations within the tip of the root due to unsuccessful root canal treatments, and cavities that have not been treated for a long period of time.

Cyst Operations:

Term used to describe surgical removal of cysts around the area of teeth, throughout the soft tissues inside the mouth or within jaw bones; which are diagnosed by means of tomography and x-ray methods.