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Implant is a treatment that is performed in order to replace missing teeth in the mouth by means of placing a screw made of titanium into the jawbone, which acts as an artificial root.

Missing teeth is a factor that highly affects the social life of an individual, especially in the esthetically concerned contemporary society. Implants allow for comfort by enabling functions such as; chewing and other necessary actions that take place within the mouth; as well as, increasing the esthetic appeal of the individual.

Implants have a high success rate due to their tissue compatibility. One of the biggest advantages of the implant procedure is the fact that it does not come in contact with any of the neighboring teeth. Moreover, it does not cut off any part of the teeth involved in the process, as it is simply placed within the gap area; a similar process to the one seen in prosthesis (bridge).

Implant is a procedure that is practiced only on individuals that are 18 years or older – who have a fully developed jaw structure and bone count. Prior to the treatment, the jaw structure and the bone count of the individual are examined in order to decide their compatibility with the implant treatment.

Implant is performed under local anesthesia. The time a patient spends on the dentists’ chair is equivalent to that of a simple filling procedure.

It causes absolutely no pain or discomfort and is performed in a short amount of time – thus, not interfering with the daily functions of the individual.

Implants and temporary dentures can be placed in the same session as tooth extraction.

In the case of insufficient bone count, proper bone volume is created by combining bone meal and grafts, allowing implants to be placed.

A waiting period follows the placement of implants in order for the implants to fully bond with the bone; permanent dentures are made once a full bonding stage has been reached.