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It is not possible to reach a beautiful and pleasant smile solely by having teeth that are considered white and straight teeth. It is also necessary to have gums that are both healthy and have an appropriate level of visibility.

Gingivoplasty is the title given to such procedures. Topics that fall under tooth esthetics are as follows; gum visibility level, color of the gums, the compatibility between the gums and teeth, and lastly – health status of the gums.

In order to perform esthetic procedures on the gums, it is required that the gums are healthy. Healthy gums are characterized by the embodiment of a light-pink color and by having a surface which resembles the skin of an orange, featuring a small lumps. In the case of gums with swelling, bleeding and a dark tone; it is necessary to treat the gums and restore gum health prior to initiating the procedure. In this case, the presence of any tartar among teeth must be eliminated. Treatments done under local anesthesia such as; gingival curettage may be performed in cases that have an advanced level of conflict.

There are no age limitations on procedures concerning the esthetics of the teeth; it can be performed on individuals whose gum and tooth type fit the criteria of the procedure. Individuals with a gummy smile whose gums are over exposed during a smile must undergo gingivoplasty, if they are planning on receiving treatments that are concerned with smile design. Through gingivoplasty and gingivectomy, the visibility level of the gums are decided, allowing for the design of a smile that correspond to the standards of being esthetically pleasant. Botox is also accepted as a successful method in achieving optimal results in regards to the location of the lips and visibility level of the gums.