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Empress Crowns

Empress platings feature no use of metal at all and have a structure content made of ceramic. They also have an increased level of durability due to the reinforcement given to its crystal-shaped core with the use of a glass core. Since it is composed entirely of ceramic, it can be tried on fully porcelain teeth as well.

Due to its high-level of light permeability, it can be used on patients that desire an esthetic result which is closest to natural teeth. This allows for it be used on frontal and small grinder teeth. Highly esthetic and healthy results can also be reached among teeth that have structural defects, discolored teeth, dispositioned and crooked teeth, teeth with gaps between them, eroded teeth and teeth that have issues from an esthetic point of view.

The treatment procedure is similar to that of porcelain laminates, requiring design and shaping of the teeth prior to taking necessary measurements; from there, the entire process is completed within 4 – 5 days.