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Zirconium Crowns

It is crucial to refrain from utilizing metal-based or metal alloyed porcelain in order to adhere with the parameters of esthetics and bio-compatibility.

Zirconium embodies many features including; biological compatibility, an organic appearance and mechanic durability. Due to the aforementioned benefits, it has become the most preferred treatment method within the last few years.

Zirconium is applied on frontal teeth for esthetic reasons; but, it is also applied on back teeth for means of mechanic durability – thus, making it a safe choice to practice.

While zirconium fillers are essential for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and natural appeal; the use of zirconium is also important for the maintenance of gum health. It has a higher level of compatibility with the patient’s gums when compared to metal reinforced porcelain and it is unlikely to cause problems in regards to gum health.

Zirconium crowns have an increased level of light permeability in comparison to metal reinforced crowns and since they do not feature any metal alloys, they do not cause any gum discoloration.

Those with allergies to metal can safely use zirconium crowns.

At the end of the personalized planning and design procedures, required thinning is performed on teeth. The entirety of the treatment is completed within 4 – 5 days, following the measurements taken during the mock-up stage.