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Smile Design

Possessing a beautiful and pleasant smile plays an important role in raising one’s self-confidence and in easing their social interactions, while making them feel more safe and comfortable.

Beautifying your smile is one of the essential objectives for us as cosmetic dentists. Smile design is the process of forming a smile that fits the shape of one’s face in an organic and natural manner by corresponding to the golden ratio.

Smile design is not a procedure that solely involves teeth. Teeth are considered as a whole; which include the face and the smile. In order to maintain a natural and beautiful appearance, dentition and the shape of the face must be in harmony. The most important aspect of smile design is the fact that it is customized to fit the needs of the individual. An optimal smile is designed by taking the lips and the shape of the smile into consideration; one that perfectly fits the facial features of the individual.

It is very important to undergo a planning period and determine the needs of the individual prior to the smile design treatment. The position of the lips and shape of the smile, the degree and visibility of the gums, the shape of one’s face and the relation it has to the jaw are all analyzed and recorded through photographic studies.

Another important aspect of smile design is being able to present the individual with their newly formed teeth and smile prior to performing the treatment. The measurements and photographs taken initially allow us to produce a mock-up of the final stage.

The materials to be utilized during treatment are decided at the end of all the aforementioned evaluations. The most widely used treatment method in smile design is Laminate Veneer. Due to the use of veneers, we are able to reach results that are highly organic; while ensuring durability. Zirconium crowns, empress crowns, bonding and esthetic composite fillers, inley-onley fillers, bleaching are also amongst frequently used treatment methods.