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Laminate Veneer

Laminate veneer, also known as porcelain leaf tooth is the most frequently used treatment method in smile design. It is practiced by thinning the frontal surface of the tooth by about 0.3 – 0.7 mm and has the least amount of impact on existing healthy tissue. Thus, providing a final result that is close to one’s natural tooth formation.

The treatments provide successful results in getting rid of tooth deformation, whitening stained teeth that have not been whitened properly, in closing gaps between teeth (diastema) and fixing minor crowding.

An optimal treatment method is decided based on the shape of the mouth and the jaw; as well as, the facial formation of the individual prior to initiating the treatment. At this stage, the appearance of the individual’s teeth are determined. The mock-up measurements taken from the patient prior to the treatment will provide a foresight of the final form. Following the mock-up stage; only the frontal surface of the teeth are thinned and measurements are taken using a very sensitive material. Laminate veneers are prepared digitally using the taken measurements and which are then tried on by the patient. On average, the entirety of the treatment is completed within 2 – 3 sessions (maximum of 4 – 5 days).

Patients can use temporary teeth during the course of the treatment; which will allow them to perform their daily activities without facing any conflicts. Since laminate veneers require the least amount of thinning, the treatment and the healing period will not result in issues such as; pain or sensitivity.

Once pasted on, the veneers form a perfect pair with the tooth and can be used for many years without facing discoloration or deformation.