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Esthetic Filling and Composite Laminates

Bonding is a simple and basic method used in the case of slightly crooked teeth, in presence of gaps between teeth (diastema), in cases of slight discoloration and formation of spots, against deformation or in the case of lengthening teeth, as well as, in treating esthetically unsatisfying broken or eroded teeth.

Also known as composite laminate or esthetic filling, the system does not cause further erosion on teeth and does not require lifting any tissue. It can be applied solely onto desired areas with the use of a bonding material. Composite fillings are made of the same color as the teeth due to esthetic reasons, allowing for formulating solutions within a single session. The outer layer of the teeth takes on a highly natural appearance after the procedure.

Since it can be practiced without wearing down the teeth, it does not require any anesthesia.

Bonding teeth have a lifetime of 5-7 years, which is shorter when compared to the longevity of porcelain laminates, empress crowns and zirconium crowns. Within this period, a certain amount of wear and discoloration can be seen throughout teeth; though, this can be easily renewed and overcome.

Although it has a shorter amount of time before experiencing discoloration and a shorter period of usability when compared to other methods (porcelain laminate, empress and zirconium crowns), its biggest advantage is the fact that it causes no wear and the fact that it can be easily practiced in a single session.